What do we do?

Bradfield Park Carers Program is a not for profit, community based service which offers support and respite to carers of people with a mental illness who live within the Northern Sydney Area Health Service. We are funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services under the auspice of The Kirribilli Centre.

The aim of the program is primarily to provide respite for carers, giving them a break from their caring roles. The emphasis is on attempting to meet individual needs by offering a variety of programs, events and activities, which are relaxing but also stimulating, enjoyable, and which cater for a diversity of interests.

North Sydney Home and Community Care (HACC) Planning Region NSW

North Sydney Home and Community Care (HACC) Planning Region NSW

The program aims to be inclusive and empowering of individual carers, while also providing a sense of community and connectedness with others in order to break down their sense of isolation.  It tries to help carers gain and maintain perspective in their lives, leading to a greater sense of wellbeing and improved relationships with those they care for, as well as with other significant people in their lives.

One of our qualified support workers assesses the respite needs of carers, provides short term counselling when required, makes relevant referrals to other services, and generally supports carers in accessing the programs, activities and services appropriate to meeting their individual needs, and the needs of their families.

Access to our free service is by way of referral from other organizations, health professionals, friends or family, or by contacting us directly. All information is treated confidentially and only anonymised data that cannot be used to identify you is sent to our funding body.

Our service area

Carers of someone with a mental illness living anywhere within the North Sydney region, identified by the Department of Health and Ageing, are welcome to use the Bradfield Park Carers Program. The service area (in white) is shown on the map

Meet the team...

Mike Ansky 

Mike is the Coordinator of the Bradfield Park Carers Program. Mike is responsible for the coordination and service delivery of the program and ensuring that the service does what DSS funds us to do. He runs the Men’s Group and is responsible for all PR. Please contact him if you or your organisation would like to know more about our service or the people our service works with.


Gerri Mehra-Slevin

Gerri is a Counsellor/Program Manager at the Bradfield Park Carers Program.  Gerri works closely with all carers.  Gerri also provides short-term counselling.

Akiko Tomioka

Akiko is a Counsellor/Program Manager at Bradfield Park Carers Program.  Akiko works closely with the CALD (culturally and linguistically divers) population and young carers.  She organises School Holiday Programs and developes networks with the CALD population.  Akiko also provides short-term counselling.


Contact Us

The Bradfield Carers Program is located at:

The Kirribilli Centre
16-18 Fitzroy Street

A short walk from both the Milson's point train station and the Milson's point Ferry Wharf.


You can contact a friendly team:

Phone: 8920 0675

Email: bradfieldpark@kirribilli.org.au