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Joey Jig Music


Joey Jig baby & toddler music classes provide an introduction to music that young children can easily understand and enjoy. Classes include fun original songs composed by owner/teacher Alicia to engage and entertain bubs and mums, with traditional nursery rhymes, percussion, singing, dancing and games. Children gain confidence in the classroom, while learning, having fun and using their wonderful imaginations.

Classes held by age: Swing Swing 3-12 months - bubs enjoy gentle songs, playing with percussion, moving to the beat, fascinating sounds and sights for a rich sensory experience. Be-Bop 1-2 years - lively colourful classes, early speech development is encouraged as we experiment with sound, whilst exploring motor and concentration skills. Jump & Jive 2-4 years - exciting early childhood education where children learn to share and take turns, dynamics, pitch and tempo are explored as children compose musical stories. 

Term 1 Thursday February 1st - Friday April 13th (11 weeks)

Term 2 Thursday May 3rd - Friday July 6th (10 weeks)

Term 3 Thursday July 26th to Friday September 28th (10 weeks)

Term 4 Thursday October 18th - Friday December 21st (10 weeks)

 Every Thursday (The Gallery) for 9-11 weeks

Jump & Jive 2-4 years: 9am & 11am

Be-Bop 1-2 years: 9.40am, 10.20am

Swing Swing 3 months-1year: 11.40am

Every Friday (The Gallery) for 9-11 weeks

Be-Bop 1-2years: 9.40am

Jump & Jive 2-4years: 10.20am

Be-Bop/Swing Swing 8-20months: 11am

Bookings Phone Joey Jig Music on 0401 040 525 to book your free trial class or email, see website for more details

Cost term 1 - 11 weeks $174.90, Cost term 2 - 9 weeks $143.10 ($15.90/class), fees adjusted pro-rata when joining mid-term. Casual classes are subject to availability $18.70/class. All prices inclusive of 10% GST.