New Horizons Northern Sydney Respite Centre

The New Horizons Northern Sydney Respite Centre is located in Thornleigh, a short distance from Thornleigh station. The Centre offers an opportunity for people to relax and enjoy themselves. This may be in the form of a structured program such as cooking, art or photography or more informal activities such as meeting new people, playing a game of pool or having a cuppa and a chat. From the centre we also provide an in-home respite service.

The New Horizons Northern Sydney Respite Centre is for care recipients (with a psychiatric and/or an intellectual disability including Autism Spectrum Disorder) who are supported by a carer. If you reside in the northern suburbs of Sydney please call the centre on 9875 3205 or visit our website and we will be able to assist you further.


North-side Community Forum Inc.

Northside Community Forum Inc. is a community based organisation that exists to improve care in our region. Our community of care includes people who are aged, people with a disability, people with mental health issues, and people with a range of other personal circumstances. It includes their friends and family, our members, and other organisations involved in community based care.

Our mission is to provide and promote the best possible community care services throughout the Northern Sydney region. We believe that the most effective way to achieve our vision is to provide and promote the best possible community care services throughout our area of operation - the Northern Sydney region.

Sanctuary Respite Centre

We all need a break from the pressures in life. It's not always easy to get a break however when you are a carer of someone with a mental illness. Bradfield Park works in conjunction with the Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Inc. to ensure you have access to a break, relief or time away from your everyday routine and stressors through Respite Services.

Respite Services provides innovative and flexible respite options to meet the needs of families and friends of those with mental illness. It offers a variety of recreational and educational activities designed to develop skills and promote a supportive environment for both the carer and care recipient. A team of mental health trained respite staff with a variety of skills and experience in the mental health sector aim to meet the individual needs of the carer, the care recipient, their families and friends. 


The Sanctuary Respite Centre is located at North Head, Manly and consists of three charming self contained cottages. These cottages are designed to enhance the respite experience. Whilst the guests stay at the Sanctuary Respite Centre they will be able to relax, reflect and enjoy the local surrounds. There is also an educational component that can be offered to guests whilst they are staying at the Sanctuary Respite Centre as well as retreats.

Contact us on 8920 0675 for more information.


Sunshine’s Respite Cottage

Sunshine’s respite cottage is a light and bright five bedroom home with two large garden areas, situated in the leafy suburb of Turramurra. Our aim is to support carers by offering a break or 'timeout' from their caring role. We offer overnight support for the person being assisted by a carer, who is over 16 years of age and living with a mental illness, have a dual diagnosis, autism and/or an intellectual disability, and live within the Northern Sydney local government area

What we offer:

  • Person centered support for ongoing daily routines and commitments whilst in respite
  • A safe and secure environment
  • A negotiated trial period or orientation around the property
  • Purposeful, individualized and appropriate experiences
  • A private bedroom and all meals

What we offer carers:

  • A short term break from their caring role
  • Our service is 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Carers can relax knowing the person they care for will be safe and in a relaxed friendly environment with staff that are caring and well trained.
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Uniting Care Mental Health: Family and Carer Program

Uniting Care Mental Health is the provider of the Family and Carer Program in Northern Sydney and the Central Coast. This service was previously delivered by ARAFMI NSW but due to funding changes was allocated to Uniting Care Mental Health (UCMH) at the end of 2010. Uniting Care Mental Health Family & Carer Program operates in partnership with Northern Sydney and Central Coast Local Area Networks (formerly known as Area Health Services).


What does UCMH Family & Carer Service do?

UCMH provides support to carers of people who have a mental illness.  When a carer makes contact with UCMH he/she is provided with a friendly, understanding person who will help them to make sense of the often frightening diagnosis. The support person will listen to the carer’s story in a safe and non-judgmental way and explain anything that the carer may not understand. The support person will provide emotional support whenever the carer needs to “let off steam” and will advocate on the carer’s behalf with service providers such as Health and Housing. The support worker also knows of services in the area which can help both carer and consumer and will make appropriate referrals on their behalf.

Another arm of the Family and Carer Program is Education and Training. Carer education and training aims to provide  the carer with new skills to help them to cope with their situation. Some of the courses are Communication for Carers and Stress and Resilience training.

UCMH Family & Carer Program also offers support groups for carers. In Northern Sydney there are groups at Eastwood, Wahroonga and Dee Why.

If you would like any more information please call  9481 0177.