John and Mary's Story*

"We first became aware of Bradfield Park when our two granddaughters, aged 5 and 6, were taken from their mother (our daughter) because of her inability to care for them due to her bipolar disorder. The older child began to suffer from panic attacks and was sent to Hornsby Mental Health. They in turn recommended us to Bradfield Park and we will be eternally grateful to them for their support, care and recommendations for dealing with both children.

They benefited greatly from the various programs which were held during the school holidays. These programs were extremely varied and very imaginative. We have no doubts whatever that these programs were MASSIVELY beneficial to the girls and are eternally grateful to the staff of Bradfield Park for helping them through these very difficult times.

As carers we also received excellent understanding of mental conditions by attending various Forums and other activities accessed through Bradfield Park. These have helped with understanding our daughter's condition and therefore allowed us to be able to help her in many ways which had not previously occurred to us. The Carers Program has also given us many opportunities to socialise with other carers in similar circumstances."


 * The names and picture in this story have been changed.