Peter's Story*

I've found the programs to be very uplifting and most informative. Experts in their field - psychologists and medical people - have been very generous and forthcoming with their knowledge of mental health issues and have brought us up to date with what's happening in this neglected area. The team at Bradfield Park have recognised the importance of the expression 'Knowledge is Power', and with greater knowledge we, the carers, are in a better position to make decisions which we hope will benefit our family members.

The programs have enabled carers to come together and share in an atmosphere that is non-threatening. The creative activities provide a welcome contrast in our lives. If we are refreshed, then this automatically sustains us in our role of carer. The carer and consumer both benefit.

Another initiative has been the encouragement given by the Bradfield Park team to carers to explore and share their hidden talents. Too often, we see ourselves only as carers. To discover through these programs the many talents we possess is to give ourselves confidence and self worth.


* The names and picture in this story have been changed.