Belinda's Story*

I have had a wonderful 2010 enjoying the various programs I have attended with the Bradfield Park Carers Program. The main advantage has been a much better understanding of Joanna's problems which in turn has enabled me to accept the eccentricities of her bi-polar disorder. The workshop on Borderline Personality Disorder was excellent, as I had always disregarded this element of her mental problem as inconsequential and was stunned to discover that this belief was completely incorrect. 

I must add that the social gatherings have been extremely beneficial to me personally, as I have made two close new friends who have adult children with mental issues and I have found it very cathartic to be able to talk frankly about problems that can make you cry in frustration at times and even sometimes laugh at the more ridiculous things that can happen.  Joanna is still promising that she will come with me to the end of year celebration which will be a very significant achievement as it will get her out of her very small "comfort zone" for the first time in about three years.

A big thank you for running the gentle exercise classes again next year, as it is the first time in MANY years that I have attended exercise classes and enjoyed (and been able to cope with) the program.

* The names and picture in this story have been changed.